Computer Fair Registration

Blast Intermediate Unit 17

As a Computer Fair Sponsor, I Agree to the Following...

I have read and understand the Computer Fair General Information.
I have read and understand the specific category rules to which I am submitting a project for.
I have read and/or printed a copy of the the category scoring guidelines.
I understand each project must submit a narrative description.
I understand that all students involved in a project, and the sponsor, must sign and display the copyright form / participation agreement at the regional and state competition and that all students are aware of the information/rules for the category they are entering.
I will provide each student a copy of the photographic release form found on the General Information webpage and turn in the form, which is signed by their parent/guardian, at the regional competition.
I agree to provide the committee with a copy of the project for publicity purposes.
There is no inappropriate content contained in this project.

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